What Jasper Brings To The Table


As an Underwriter, Jasper will compete to earn your business. We have...

  • a management team with more than 75 years of experience in underwriting self-funded health plans, claims administration, sales and marketing and consulting.
  • the support and confidence of several major partners, including PanAM, Transamerica, Beazley and Lloyd's of London.
  • a relationship with a  captive Manager with a North Carolina Captive accepting risk on Value Based Pricing basis and with options for other states. 
  • specialists in level-funded premium equivalent, self-funded ERISA plans for groups between 5 and 150 employees using both aggregate only, or specific and aggregate protection depending on the state.
  • the ability to quote larger groups for specific only or with aggregate coverage.
  • quotes which are timely and competitive using the industries best underwriting system and underwriting manual.
  • no lasers. We will either accept the group or reject it.
  • a selection of "off the shelf" plan designs to generate pricing you can sell.
  • the flexibility and willingness to work with you if you have a series of "canned" plans you prefer to offer.
  • consistent requirements, such as, for groups with less than 100 employees, we require
    • Employer contributions of 50% or more
    • Participation rate of 75% participation (valid waivers will be counted)
    • PHQs (Personal Health Questionnaires) and an easy to use Digital site
    • a recent quarterly wage and tax report.

As a Risk Manager, Jasper will...

  • honestly and fairly evaluate the census and PHQs
  • present plan options that best fit the group
  • reject a group that shouldn't be self-funded
  • expect the group to be financially stable
  • help the group to understand the self-funded approach
  • provide competitive, timely quotes that you can sell.

As a Consultant and Partner, Jasper will ...

  • work with brokers to suggest appropriate, or alternative plan designs
  • assist with sales presentations when needed
  • select administrative partners (TPAs) who are experienced and will provide outstanding service to your clients
  • find a solution for your most challenging opportunities.